Honey Rum Butter Sauce

Honey Rum Butter Sauce is our newest product.

We created it Originally for Christmas 2015,
but very soon realized it's an all year round product.


The uses we have found for it are exciting:

  • Can be used instead of sugar when making cakes
    or other baked goods

  • Can be used to baste your chicken, turkey or duck,
    gives a nice crispy skin and sweet spicy taste

  • Pour over your pancakes or waffles instead of Maple Syrup

  • Pour over Desserts like a sauce
    (Heat first to make runnier)

  • Pour over Ice Cream like a dessert sauce
    (Heat First to make runnier)

  • Add to Yogurt to sweeten it or again to pour over

  • Use as a dipping sauce as in Chinese or Japanese food

  • Use in any recipe that calls for the addition of honey as in Honey Chicken

  • Use to sweeten your tea or coffee or other hot drink

  • Use in a Hot Toddy

  • Use in Cookie Recipes

  • Add to apple pies instead of sugar

  • Use as the caramel in Crème Caramel

  • Use as the Caramel in a Tarte Tatin

  • Use on a Honey Glazed Ham

  • Use as the sweet base of a Custard or Ice Cream

  • Use in Smoothies or Milkshakes

We're sure you'll find your own uses for this multi purpose sauce. Please let us know of your own ideas, and we can add them here for you.