About The Scotsman's Kitchen & Bakery

The Scotsman's Kitchen & Bakery creates Traditional Scottish Foods and other Ethnic Foods with an Organic/Natural Twist.  


This company came about because two people needed to change their own way of eating and wanted to help others. 

They are Anastasia Barracks Montador & Paul Edward Montador. 

Both of us became seriously ill at different times in our lives, so we had to re-examine healthier ways to cook and by using Organic/Natural products from local Natural Food Stores, Local Farmers, and Farmer’s Markets, we were able to do that. 


We use only Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Glass equipment, NO Aluminum.

We found that it is linked to several Neurological Diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. 

We do not use Canola Oil, Safflower Oil, Margarine, or any GMO product as we believe in our health as much as your health, so all products are GMO-FREE,

(as much as we can tell with current labeling laws in the USA).

Stevia, a plant-based sweetener is used in the Shortbread to make it diabetically friendly. 

We use only Organic Unrefined Sugars (Florida Crystals is our preferred sugar)


We both have unique talents in different ways that work in unison to make

The Scotsman's Kitchen & Bakery what it is today.


Anastasia has worked in creative outlets as well as corporate companies, which not only provided unique ideas for the business but also provided marketing know-how. She is a native of Urbana, IL.


Paul is a classically French Trained Chef and has always enjoyed baking and creating healthy food.
He is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland and as a Chef that loves baking along with his relocating to the USA; the name of the company was apropos.

We are currently selling our products at the Urbana Farmer’s Market, Urbana Holiday Market, and The Urbana Middle Market

Paul was hand taught, limited machines are used, which adds to the quality and flavor that you will enjoy in our products.
Although this may become more of an eventuality we will do our best to not use them too often until we really have to in the future.


Paul is also looking at starting classes, They would most likely take place in a local Commercial Kitchen, but private lessons will also be offered upon request.
We will also have Gift Certificates for those wishing to give lessons as a gift to somebody.

We will be updating the website with new products and new information as and when it becomes available.


We are currently looking into doing Traditional Scottish Meat Based Treats:

Sausage Rolls, Scotch Pies, Steak Pies, Steak & Kidney Pies, Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs, etc.
We are Pursuing a USDA Grant of Inspection to be able to produce Meat Based Products for Wholesale.


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